Fifth Grade

In fifth grade the children begin to study the plant kingdom as well as ancient history and some of its most influential people.  Topics Include:

Language Arts

    • Ancient Civilizations of India, Persia, Mesopotamia and Egypt
    • Greek Mythology and Ancient Greek History
    • North American Geography and History


vocabulary building, parts of speech, subject/predicate/object, prepositional phrases, synonyms/antonyms, homonyms/homophones, direct/indirect speech, passive/active voice, self and peer editing, letter writing, writing reports: research and note taking, poetry: rhythm and meter


    • Ancient Mathematics of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece
    • Freehand and Compass Geometry
    • Biography of Pythagoras and other mathematicians


Number and operations: fractions, decimals, place value, base ten
Measurement: conversions, volume, surface area,
Geometry: lines, angle, coordinates, shapes
Algebra: order of operations, mathematical properties


    • Botany


Identification of plants, plant lifecycle, plant habitat


    • Strings: violin, viola or cello
    • Choir: singing in parts and rounds
    • Flute: playing in parts and rounds
    • Major and minor scale studies


    • Arts are interwoven in all above disciplines
    • Painting
    • Clay modeling

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