First Grade

In first grade we build upon the rhythms established in the kindergarten, extending to a full day of joyful learning imbued with wonder, creativity, music and movement.  Topics introduced in first grade include:

    • Pictorial and phonetic introduction to the letters of the alphabet
    • reading from writing
    • rhythmic poems
    • speech exercises
    • form drawing of curves, straight lines and patterns
    • qualities of numbers and elements of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    • counting, Roman numerals
    • fairytales
    • foreign language
    • songs, games, and poems
    • pentatonic recorder
    • seasonal songs
    • wet-on-wet painting using the three primary colors
    • knitting using two needles
    • beeswax modeling using scenes from fairy tales and simple figures
    • the wonder of nature through simple observation
    • nature studies from stories in an imaginative manner
    • circle games
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