French and Spanish

Meet our French and Spanish teacher, Akissi Goffinet

The French curriculum for 5th through 8th grades at Madrone Trail focuses on verbal communication. Students learn French with a practical purpose, and with the goal of being able to use it in every day life were they to travel to a French-speaking country. They learn through songs, dialogues, and discovering about French culture. Topics covered include food, making and understanding requests, the body, clothes, traveling, talking about preferences. Students are also introduced to French cultural holidays and customs.

The Spanish curriculum in the 1st through 4th grades is focused on an introduction to Spanish and the cultures associated with it. Students get acquainted with Spanish through songs, games, and finding out about cultural events celebrated in Central and Southern America as well as Spain. Children also learn:

  • to count (1-100)
  • to understand and say common colors and clothing and use them to describe people
  • to understand and say body parts
  • to understand and talk about common foods
  • to say and understand common animals
  • to talk about the weather
  • how to say their name and age
  • how to describe people physically
  • how to ask people how they’re doing and respond