Third Grade

“The third grader, becoming aware that he or she is forever leaving the world of early childhood, suffers a sense of irretrievable loss. This is experience, which is microcosmically akin to the “expulsion from Paradise,” is addressed on the soul level by our study of the Hebrew Stories, On the physical level, just as Adam and Eve were told that they would have to earn their keep “by the sweat of their brows,” the third grader seeks a way in which his or her will may be brought in relationship with their new home – the earth. With this in mind, we learn how the gardener and the farmer live and work.”  Eugene Schwartz – millennialchild

In this exciting year the children garden and build and immerse themselves in all things practical and grounded.

  • Cursive writing
  • parts of speech
  • sentence building and punctuation
  • composition
  • time / weights and measures
  • money and the use of money
  • higher multiplication tables
  • measurement
  • carrying and borrowing
  • Old Testament stories as an introduction to history
  • American Indian legends
  • foreign language (same as above)
  • the octave in song and recorder
  • musical notation
  • luster colors and interaction of colors in painting
  • crochet
  • modeling from main lesson work
  • house building, farming and clothing
  • building materials and food productions
  • ring games, line games, work games and songs
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