School Lunches

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Fresh, nutritious meals are available at Madrone Trail Public Charter school on a daily basis at an affordable price. It is possible that your family may be eligible to receive meals at no charge or at a reduced rate. Letters are mailed to families who qualify automatically through direct certification. This determination is based on access to other programs such as SNAP and TANF. If your family does not receive a letter and would like to be considered for meal benefits on the basis of income, you may fill out an application.(available in the office or by clicking here)

Meals served at Madrone Trail are freshly made daily and contain an entrée, fruit and vegetable selection and a milk. All meals meet or exceed the parameters of the USDA and the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA). Meals are specifically designed to serve the tastes and meet the needs of elementary aged students by providing a well-rounded and delicious source of nutrition.

Sack lunches are provided from Sodexo Food Services. They are $1.90 per day full price or if you qualify for Reduced rate the cost is $.40 per day. Contact the office for more information.



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