Our Community

As a Waldorf Inspired Public Charter School, our community is very important for the integrity and success of our school, all of our events, and the enrichment of our loved children.  Our community consists of every child who attends and their families as well as our wonderful teachers, staff and board members. Our school is at its best when each of these community members is participating and giving back to our school to the best of their ability to ensure the school is taken care of and filled with love.

There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in our community. Attending parent council meetings are a great way to get a pulse on what’s going on with the school, what our needs and goals are and how you can help us meet them. They are held monthly at the school, check the calendar for upcoming dates.  You can also join a committee, check out our most recent volunteer opportunities and keep in touch with your teachers and find out what you can do to help them in the classroom.

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