Fundraising and community support are very important to the success of Madrone Trail Public Charter School.

What is our goal?

The funds allotted to our school by the state of Oregon are less than those received by other schools within the Medford School District, as per our Charter Agreement. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to fill the gap between what we receive from the state and what is required for our operating budget for the year. We typically raise 20% of our goal through contributions from our families, faculty and staff, and are seeking additional financial support from our generous Southern Oregon community.


Benefit Auction
Passive Fundraising and Scrip

Please remember that ALL Fundraising, class specific and general school fundraising should first be brought to the fundraising committee for review, approval and tracking purposes. In order to really position ourselves well when soliciting funds or material donation, we need to show our organizational ability and track record for generating funds on our own. We also don’t want to be duplicating contacts or depending on the same resources year after year. So please remember that bake sales, pizza sales, water bottle sales, all revenue generating activities need to be communicated to the committee. If you have an idea for a fundraiser for you class or for the school, please pick up a Fundraising Request Form in the office, or download one here and submit it to the Fundraising Committee for approval. 


The Jog-a-thon is an annual fund raiser that is held during the first week of October and is organized by the Cori Royer, our Games Teacher.

The older grades do a skate-a-thon instead, which is a lot of fun. The money raised during this event goes toward the games program, individual classroom funds, the building fund, and the safety committee. The students’ participation and enthusiasm for this fundraiser has made it the success it is.  It’s so rewarding to see them earning money for their school by running as many laps as they can. It’s wonderful to see  students  really take that challenge to heart.

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is a catalogue sales fundraiser we facilitate each year in early November with product delivery scheduled in time to for holiday giving. The Equal Exchange program supports small farmers world wide growing organic chocolate, tea and coffee as well as hand made items for sale such as jewelry, toys and scarves. Each child brings a catalog home and typically their family will take it along to work or other social events and take orders.  This fundraiser helps bring us close to filling our funding gap. For more information about Equal Exchange and their products, visit their website:

Benefit Auction

We schedule Madrone Trail Charter School’s Annual Auction during the late spring. Our auctions are held in elegant settings and to-date have been quite successful, raising as much as $37,000 in one night, with the hard work of our volunteers and generous donations from our community. In light of state-wide increased budget cuts affecting our unique school, we are looking forward to continued support from our Southern Oregon community in order to make this annual event an even greater success. All of the proceeds from this event go toward supporting Madrone Trail’s vision of offering children a well-rounded education that balances their physical, emotional and intellectual growth.

Annual Pledge Drive

In the fall we hold a Pledge Drive among the parents and supporters of Madrone Trail. Since we are only funded at 80% of the state school fund, offer many more programs than a traditional public school, and have the added burden of having to pay the mortgage on our school, we need to raise funds for the mortgage on our campus so that the rest of the funds can be used to support programs.

The Pledge Drive is one of the major fundraisers that we have at the school and all of the proceeds of the pledge drive go to pay the mortgage on our school. Click here to make your pledge now.

Passive Fundraising

One of the great ways that you can contribute is by doing what you do anyway, shopping!

By saving box tops, or buying pre-paid gift cards (SCRIP) you don’t have to pull money out of your own pocket to give to the school in a big way. Below you will find some of the great fundraising opportunities that you can participate in to help Madrone Trail


SCRIP allows you to purchase gift cards for the retailers you frequent from the school.  The Gift Cards that you purchase through the SCRIP program for many National Retailers are the exact same cards that you would buy in the store.  The difference is this:  you pre-pay for the Gift Cards at Madrone Trail and our school receives a percentage of your purchase from the merchants.  We also offer Ashland Food Co-op, Shop-n-Cart, Natural Grocers scrip.  Just mentioning Madrone Trail at checkout at the Medford Co-op gets us a small percentage of your total donated to our school.  It’s so easy!


By registering your credit card with programs such as,,, and online and designating Madrone Trail as beneficiary of your online purchases, a percent of each purchase goes to the school.

Thank You!

Our school community is grateful for your generosity and is eager to support businesses that help to support us. Thank you so very much for considering a donation to Madrone Trail Public Charter School.

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