Passive Fundraising and Scrip

One of the great ways that you can contribute is by doing what you do anyway, shopping!

By saving box tops, or buying pre-paid gift cards you don’t have to pull money out of your own pocket to give to the school in a big way. Below you will find some of the great fundraising opportunities that you can participate in to help Madrone Trail


SCRIP allows you to purchase gift cards for the retailers you frequent from the school.  The Gift Cards that you purchase through the SCRIP program for many National Retailers are the exact same cards that you would buy in the store.  The difference is this:  you pre-pay for the Gift Cards at Madrone Trail.

Scrip orders are made on the first Monday of each month, Cards that you will be ready to pick up by the second Monday.

Through the SCRIP program, the retailers sell the cards to our school at a discounted rate.  The difference between the face value of the gift cards, and the amount that Madrone Trail is charged for the cards, is a donation to our school.  There is no catch.  Once you have ordered your cards, they are available within a week to pick-up in the office.  Some of the Retailers that we participate with are Target, Albertson’s, Chipotle, REI, Safeway, and many more!

Currently, there are Gift Cards available in the office for some of these retailers, with no pre-order necessary.  Please check with the office if you would like to purchase one of these cards, or if you would like to place an order

Some of our local grocers also participate in a SCRIP program with Madrone Trail.  There are gift cards available in the office for the Ashland Food Co-op, Shop-N-Kart, and Natural Grocers. If you shop at the Medford Food Co-op, just tell the cashier that you would like them to donate to Madrone Trail’s scrip program upon check-out.


Other Fundraising Initiatives

E-scrip is a system in which Madrone Trail can make money though your every day shopping. All you do is go to and register your Safeway Preferred Card, credit cards, debit cards and other store cards. Any time you use a registered card at a participating merchant, a percentage of what you spend will be given to OUR SCHOOL – at NO extra cost to you!As an example, we receive funds when you shop at: Safeway, several restaurants in the Rogue Valley, and many online retailers. New merchants are added frequently. It is a secure system and they do not share our names or info. with other marketers.Our group ID # is 500017093, or you can find us by doing a search for Madrone Trail.

boxtops-for-educationBox Tops for Education – clip and save, drop off at the school office at the front of the building.BoxTops are now on Kleenex brand tissues, Saran Wrap & Hefty, Scott & Cottonelle, Ziploc, General Mills cereals, including Cascadian Farms Organic cereals, Frozen foods, Dairy, Yoplait, snacks, bakery items and many more products.The Box Tops website often has additional ways to earn money for school use.  The below links are updated often with various promotional activities:

Target_logoTarget – use your target card to help the school.  If you have a Target Card, please go to and select Madrone Trail as your school of choice under Take Charge of Education.




Aalbertsons-logolbertsons – use your Albertsons card to help the school.  If you ever shop at Albertsons, go to and register your community partner card with Madrone Trail, as your school of choice under In “The Community.” donates a small amount to the school for every web search made on their site.They also link to a wide range of retailers who will give a percentage of your purchase to the school if you make a purchase via the Goodsearch link.

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