School Board Meetings


Meeting Agendas 2018-19 School Year

Board Meeting agenda July 25, 2018

Board Meeting agenda August 15, 2018

Special Board Meeting agenda September 10, 2018

Board Meeting agenda September 12, 2018

Board Meeting agenda October 10, 2018


Meeting Agendas 2017-18 School Year

Special Board Meeting Agenda August 2017

Board Meeting agenda September 2017

Board Meeting agenda October 2017

Board Meeting agenda November 2017

Board Meeting agenda December 2017

Board Meeting agenda January 2018

Board Meeting agenda Emergency February 2018

Board Meeting agenda March 2018

Board Meeting agenda March 15 2018

Board Meeting agenda April 2018

Board Meeting agenda April 20 2018

Board Meeting agenda April 27 2018

Board Meeting agenda May 2018

Board Meeting agenda May 22, 2018

Board Meeting agenda June 5, 2018

Board Meeting agenda June 12, 2018

Board Meeting agenda June 20, 2018


Meeting Agendas 2016-17 School Year

Agenda 6-22-16

Agenda 8-16-16




Nov Agenda 2016

MTPCS Board Agenda December 2016

Jan Agenda 2017

Feb Agenda 2017

Special Board Meeting Agenda

MTPCS Board Meeting agenda March 2017

Board Meeting agenda April 2017

Special Board Meeting Agenda April

Board Meeting agenda May 2017

Board Meeting agenda June 2017

Special Board Meeting Agenda June

Board Meeting agenda July 2017

Board Meeting agenda August 2017


Minutes for 2018-19 School Year

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes July 25, 2018

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes August 15, 2018

MTPCS-Special Board Meeting-September-10-2018

MTPCS Board Meeting September 12 2018

MTPCS Filed Trip Policy Work Session September 20, 2018

Minutes for 2017-18 School Year

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes September 2017

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes October 2017

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes November 2017

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes December 2017

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes January 2018

MTPCS Emergency Board Meeting Minutes February 2018

March 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes March 15 2018

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes April 11, 2018

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes April 20, 2018

Board minutes 2018.04.27

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes May 9, 2018

Minutes from Past School Years

Field Trip Policy Work Session May 22, 2018

Special Meeting Minutes May 22, 2018

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes June 5, 2018

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes June 12, 2018

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes June 20, 2018


Minutes for 2016-2017 School Year

Board Minutes August 2016

Board Minutes September 2016

Board Minutes October 2016

Board Minute November 2016

Board Minutes December 2016

Board Minutes January 2017

Board Meeting Minutes February

Board Work Session Parental Leave

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes March 2017

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes April 2017

Board Work Session Parental Leave April

MTPCS Board Meeting Minute May 2017

MTPCS Board Meeting Minute June 2017

MTPCS Board Meeting Minute June 2017 Parental Leave (1)

family leave policy – draft

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes July 2017

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes August 2017

MTPCS Board Meeting Minutes Special Session August 2017


Minutes for 2015-2016 School Year

8-26-15 board of directors

9-9-15 board of directors

10-14-15 board of directors

11-18-15 board of directors

1-13-16 board of directors

2-10-16 board of directors

3-9-16 board of directors

4-13-16 board of directors

5-11-16 board of directors

6-22-16 board of directors


2014-2015 School Year – Minutes

9-24-14 board of directors

10-22-14 board of directors

11-19-14 board of directors

1-28-15 board of directors

December, 2014 Minutes

3-18-15 board of directors

4-22-15 board of directors

5-27-15 board of directors

6-24-15 board of directors


2013-2014 School Year – Minutes

7-24-13 board of directors

8-26-13 board of directors

9-25-13 minutes board of directors

10-23-13 board of directors

11-20-13 board of directors

1-22-14 board of directors

2-26-14 board of directors

3-5-14 board of directors

4-23-14 board of directors

5-28-14 board of directors

6-25-14 board of directors

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