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you to know, this red," she declared, pointing to the shoes’ trademark red soles before tossing them over her shoulder, "it’s my blood." But her display was clearly all in fun. A few impolite words did erupt. Winning as best actress for her miniseries "Top of the Lake," Elisabeth Moss blurted out one of them. It was efficiently bleeped. But whoever was tending the button miscalculated big time with Jacqueline Bisset. Accepting her trophy as best supporting actress for the miniseries "Dancing on the red bottom heels Edge," the clearly surprised Bisset voiced a lengthy, rambling acceptance that triggered the get off the stage music. Still talking undeterred, Bisset fired off a profanity that began with the words, "And the people who have given me . " Oddly, TV viewers didn’t hear that first part of her statement. It was bleeped. But what did get through TV sets loud and clear was the forbidden final word. View as one page 1 2(page 2 of 2) Another minor glitch reared its head later on
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