Allison Inscore

Allison subbed for us last year and this year is moving into a variety of roles in the school! She will be the Sprouts teacher, training under Leann, one of the two new Handwork assistants, the lead Aftercare teacher and the Nature teacher for 1st and 2nd grade, a new Special Subjects class she is looking forward to developing alongside Ms Lowenburg with her 3rd grade Gardening Special Subject class.


Allison was born and raised in Oregon. She has been passionate about animals and nature from a young age. Her parents nurtured her love of nature by facilitating exploration and play in a variety of natural settings. As she grew, her love of nature matured and paired with a love of learning as she thought more about the effects of her actions on the world around her.


Allison attended Portland State University and took several classes in subjects which focused on sustainability. She graduated from Southern Oregon University with a degree in Psychology and began working at a therapeutic preschool. She went on to become the director of daycare at an addictions recovery center. Allison started working at Madrone Trail in 2015. She worked as a substitute as well as a small groups teacher for math and reading. She likes to spend her free time doing outdoor activities, exploring areas that are new to her and spending time with friends and family. She sees the inherent value in nature and incorporates that into teaching whenever possible.