Nancy Escherich

Nancy was born and raised in Pasadena CA. She loved working with her hands from a young age, starting with crochet, macramé and sewing and moved on to weaving and knitting. Her parents loved to travel and took her family on many adventures in the states and to Mexico. Nancy loved the colorful markets in Mexico, mesmerized by the piles of textiles, full of intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

Nancy moved to Montana after spending a summer working in Yellowstone National Park. She attended the University of Montana and graduated with a degree in Visual Art with an emphasis in Fibers. She spent several summers during college working at Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, assisting Native American artists Blue Corn, Lucy Lewis, Rainbow Stevens and Juan Quezada. After graduating college, she joined the Peace Corps and spent 4 years working with a women’s weaving cooperative in Walkerswood, Jamaica. Nancy traveled to Peru, Ecuador, and Guatemala to travel and study with weavers. Nancy returned to Montana and ran a weaving program for adults with physical challenges. Nancy studied tapestry weaving with Rebecca Bluestone in Taos New Mexico and purchased her first floor loom in Taos. Nancy taught weaving classes at the local yarn store in Missoula and later in her studio. She also started creating and selling her own weaving at craft fairs.

Nancy returned to the University of Montana and received her teaching certificate in Art and Spanish. She spent 5 years teaching Spanish and Fibers at Idyllwild Arts Academy and 4 years at Sentinel High School in Missoula. Nancy led student trips to Mexico, Ecuador and Peru. Nancy took leave from work for 6 years while raising her son Logan and discovered Waldorf Education. She was part of a group of parents to initiate a Waldorf School in Missoula which now has a preschool. With Logan ready for school they moved to Central CA so that Logan could attend Kindergarten at the Sierra Waldorf School. Nancy started volunteering at the school, teaching knitting and weaving.

Nancy continues to explore fibers. She is passionate about the need to teach children to use their hands to create beauty. She is enrolled in the Waldorf Handwork Teacher training Program at Rudolf Steiner College. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, going on fun adventures to the coast, to the mountains, or to Latin America. She always carries a ball of wool in her handbag to create a new piece of beauty.