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Musical Endeavors

At Madrone Trail, each student
is given the opportunity to experience
great richness and the variety of music.
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Learning Through Art

Art is used to illustrate all subjects
to help students understand concepts
at the level they are at developmentally.
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Holidays & Festivals

In addition to the traditional holidays,
we have a great time preparing for
and sharing 
events with our families
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Field Trips:

Excursions such as this day at Crater
Lake allow us to see first hand the effects
of geology in our own backyard.
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Welcome to Madrone Trail!

As you explore our website, you will find passionate and inspiring work by a community of parents, teachers, & Waldorf students. This undertaking strives to instill in children a love of life and learning, through a balanced approach of head, heart and hands. Moreover, this undertaking works toward helping the children impart meaning to their lives and contributing to the community.



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