Parent Orientation Meeting

This is the first step in the process – The Madrone Trail Public Charter school expects parents to attend a Parent Orientation Meeting in order to make an informed decision about enrollment. Parents will learn important details about the instructional philosophy and parental expectations of the school. In addition, this meeting will explain the nature of charter schools, and answer questions parents may have regarding the school.

The intent of this one hour meeting is to promote a clear understanding of the school’s objectives and mode of operations in order to minimize the potential of families joining the school temporarily, based on unclear ideas of the nature of the school.  In the event that a family cannot attend any of the pre-scheduled sessions, arrangements for an individual orientation meeting can be made by appointment if there is an immediate opening in a class without a waitlist.

During this meeting, the school will provide parents with an intent-to- enroll form to complete in order to confirm their interest in the school. As soon as there are openings in a class, the school will contact interested parties. If the demand exceeds the school capacity for a specific class, a lottery will be held to determine order.

New Student Orientation Schedule

Orientation sessions take place the first Thursday of each month at 4 p.m. at Madrone Trail Public Charter School located at 3070 Ross Lane, Central Point. For questions please call Sherrie Gasper, 541-842-3657 or email her at [email protected]

View our calendar for currently scheduled orientations.

Enrollment Procedure

Following notification, all students admitted will receive an registration packet, a health record form, an academic record request form and a parent expectation form. It is the parent’s responsibility to return the complete registration packet by the appropriate deadline to enroll the student.

Acknowledgment of Parent Expectations

One of the most important aspects of the MTPCS is parent participation. Involvement of parents will be what makes our school a community. We will be most successful in achieving our vision if our parent body is informed and involved in meeting the needs of our students and school. This requires a spirit of volunteerism, learning about the Waldorf curriculum and methods, and working toward reducing or eliminating exposure to influences that conflict with the philosophy of the school.

Grade Level Placement

Madrone Trail Public Charter School follows a developmental approach and therefore requires kindergartners to be 5 years old by June 1st before their kindergarten year.

Timeline / Checklist

  1. Attend an orientation and pick up an information packet, including a Parent Handbook, information on Waldorf Education, and an Intent to Enroll form.
  2. If space is currently available in the grade level you are seeking, office staff will contact family.
  3. Meet with class teacher and visit the classroom.
  4. Student has a visit day in the classroom.
  5. Receive registration papers.
  6. Submit registration papers.

The Lottery Process

If the class is currently full a wait list will be established.  The order of the waitlist is established as follows: Applicants will be separated into two different categories — in-district and out-of-district. The applicants’ names will be written on a uniform sized card and be placed in two separate containers according to the categories. The process will start with drawing the resident applicants’ names first until all names in this container are drawn. Then the out-of district applicant names are drawn. The drawing shall be made in the presence of at least two employees of Madrone Trail and two employees of the Medford School District.


Parents will be notified after the lottery draw where they were placed on the waiting list. There are two lottery draws each year. One in the Fall and one in Spring. If there is already a wait list in a particular class, the new lottery draws go on the waitlist after the established waitlist names.

Current Openings and Waitlist Numbers

Current Openings:

Kindergarten: 0

1st grade: 0

2nd grade: 0

3rd grade: 0

4th grade: 0

5th grade: 0

6th grade: 5

7th grade: 2

8th grade: 5

Number of Children on Waitlist:

Kindergarten: 15

1st grade: 25

2nd grade: 9

3rd grade: 25

4th grade: 12

5th grade: 0

6th grade: 0

7th grade: 0

8th grade: 0

as of October 2023

This enrollment policy is in accordance with Oregon Charter School law and guided by the goal of Madrone Trail Public Charter School to provide quality educational service to its students. All students who reside in the state of Oregon are eligible for admission to the Madrone Trail Public Charter School. Oregon Charter School law allows students to apply to the school from outside the school district without an inter-district transfer.