Join a Committee!

Joining a committee is a great way to put your talents and interests to work for our school. Please be sure to log your volunteer hours in the log book in the office.

Fundraising Committee

Volunteer opportunities include grants writing, national school fundraising programs, bake sales, assisting with pledge drive, etc.

Auction Committee

The auction is our school’s biggest fundraiser.  This committee is responsible for executing this yearly event.  The proceeds from this fundraiser go towards our school’s mortgage.  The auction committee works closely with the school director in making the event happen.  The time dedication to this committee can vary greatly based upon what you’re able to commit to.

Festival Committee

The festivals are a huge part of Waldorf pedagogy.  The Lantern Walk and Mayfair are the two that this committee is involved with.  Set up and take down is overseen by designated committee members.  The other event is the Chinese New Year Parade we always participate with in Jacksonville in the month of February.  This committee oversees those event logistics.

Site Committee

Contribute to the Site Committee by assisting with any projects on our campus, such as grounds and building maintenance.

Beautification Committee

Working along with the site plans for our school, the beautification committee is the outlet for the creative aesthetic plans.  The committee is responsible for keeping the bulletin boards festive and up to date. Keeping the flower boxes out front weeded and replanted if necessary.  The brainstorming and execution is up to these go-getters.

Welcome Committee

We have new parents and old, who all need help plugging into the school rhythm and community.  The Welcome committee plays a huge role in welcoming these families in and keeping everyone involved.  Welcome packets are given to new parents and upon request. Those parents are then contacted directly to see if they have any questions or need help in their adjustment to MT.  We want every family informed and a part of this wonderful community!

Parent Volunteer Hours

We ask each of our families to volunteer 20 hours a year to the school.

These volunteer hours help us give the students more personalized attention in the classroom through reading groups, math circles or assisting with painting or other class projects.  We also can use lots of help maintaining our campus.