Register as a Volunteer Here

Once your application has been processed your name will appear in the Madrone Trail Volunteers list of the Volunteer LogIn site.  You should then be able to log in your hours.  Need to know how to log on, and record your hours?  Proceed to the next section, “How to Log On and Record Your Hours.”



  1. Click <Volunteers>.
  2. Choose your name from the Madrone Trail Volunteers list. *Don’t see your name? Your application may not have finished processing yet. Check back with us later.  Thanks for your patience, and understanding.
  3. Choose your activity OR click <Enter hours worked earlier> if recording previous volunteer time.
  4. Fill in all necessary information, and click <submit>.
  5. If you are logging in to volunteer today a badge will be printed that includes a barcode. Please remember at the end of your volunteer time to scan your barcode, and you will be logged out with your hours recorded. *Forgot to scan your badge to log out? You will automatically be logged out at 3:30 pm


  1. Go to web address Login name: madrone226 Password: madrone3070
  2. Follow steps 1 – 3 as previously mentioned in the “How to Log On” from the school computer section.
  3. Fill in all appropriate fields and click <submit>.
  4. If you have chosen to <log in> rather than <enter hours worked earlier> don’t forget to log out by returning to the site and click <I’m done for the day>.

Thank you for your continued support of our school.  “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” — Elizabeth Andrew

Volunteer Opportunities

We ask each of our families to volunteer 20 hours a year to the school.

These volunteer hours help us give the students more personalized attention in the classroom through reading groups, math circles or assisting with painting or other class projects. We also can use lots of help maintaining our campus. Please contact the office or join us the next Parent Council meeting to find out how you can get involved.

Faculty Snacks: Each class takes a turn providing snack for the Faculty Meetings, which happen on Wednesday afternoons (except the 2nd Wed of the month) at 1:30pm. Check the calendar to see when each class is responsible for bringing them.

Knitters to help Handwork Teacher. Contact Miss Nancy for details.