Parent Council

The parent council serves as the grassroots support for our school.  It provides a network of collaboration between parents, faculty, and the board of directors, weaving the fiber that creates a cohesive school community.    It is the hub for communication, and volunteerism.

Who is the Parent Council?

YOU ARE!!  Every parent of a child enrolled at Madrone Trail is part of the Parent Council.

The following members must be present at meetings:

  • All elected positions to the Parent Council, including the Chair, Board Rep, Faculty Rep, and the Secretary
  • At least one representative from each class at Madrone Trail
  • The chairperson of each committee, and at least one additional volunteer from each committee

When and Where do we meet?

Meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of each month, at 6 pm. Check the calendar to see where each meeting is located.

Please join us for our next Parent Council Meeting. If you’re unable to attend Parent Council meetings but are interested in being involved, you can check out the minutes from each meeting which will be posted within a week of the most recent meeting. If you are unable to attend meetings because of schedule conflicts, please consider joining a committee.  Committee meeting times will be scheduled independently of Parent Council meetings.

To contact Parent Council:
Megan Shaw, Parent Council Chair
[email protected]