School Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30-3:15 pm

Wednesday: 8:30-1:00 pm

Kindergarten: No School on Fridays

Parking Lot Procedures

Morning Drop Off:

Pull up to the drop off zone and drop off students as we did last year. Please use only this entrance and not the gate by the crosswalk. New this year: after dropping off students pull back and exit through the parking lot. DO NOT drive on the track in the morning.

Parents/guardians can also park and walk their students to class. Please use the crosswalk and walkways to navigate the parking lot.

Students can be dropped off starting at 7:45 am. Students dropped off between 7:45 am and 8:30 am will go to the playground where they will be supervised by a staff member.

Afternoon Pick Up:

Pick up lane (the track), have students (3rd-8th) delivered to their car as we did last year.Park and walk in. Change from last year: THIS IS REQUIRED FOR K-2.

To make the pick up line go quicker, we will have 3rd-5th grade out in the courtyard and 6th-8th grade in the field. If you are walking in, please wait for those classes in the courtyard and pick them up from there. Do not go to the classroom. Pick up time will be between 3:15-3:30 pm. Please arrive in the pick up line or the courtyard no earlier than 3:00 pm.

Bus Pick up times

Ruch– 7:35 am, Jacksonville– 7:50 am, and Jefferson– 8:10 am
Lincoln– 7:50 am
Please arrive a minimum of 5 min. early to load the bus.
Students need to be supervised by their parents until the bus arrives.

Bus Drop off times

Jacksonville– 3:15 pm and Ruch– 3:30 pm
Jefferson– 3:45 pm and Lincoln– 4:05 pm

Wednesdays Only:

Lincoln– 1:35 pm, Jefferson– 1:55 pm, Jacksonville– 2:15 pm, Ruch 2:35 pm

All times are approximate due to a variety of factors.