Parking Lot Procedures

Morning Drop Off

There will be three gates to drop 1-8 grade children off at. 1. Main entrance gate by crosswalk, 2. Emergency gate by the porch, 3. Far gate by the Kinderyard. Stay right and not do park. Please pull up to one of these gates and be prepared to answer questions about your child’s wellness before they exit the vehicle. After dropping off, proceed around the track and exit as per usual.


Afternoon Pick Up

Upon arrival, keep right and proceed around the track and form a line. There will be three loading spots right before the exit. At 3:15, staff will being to radio for children in the order of arrival, who will be waiting in their classrooms. There will be multiple staff members to direct you where to go



Bus Pick up times

Bus 3: Ruch– 7:50 am, Jacksonville– 8:15 am, and Jefferson– 8:20 am
Bus 20: Lincoln– 8:10 am
Please arrive a minimum of 5 min. early to load the bus.
Students need to be supervised by their parents until the bus arrives.

Bus Drop off times

Bus 3: Jacksonville– 3:20 pm and Ruch– 3:40 pm
Bus 20: Jefferson– 3:45 pm and Lincoln– 4:00 pm

All times are approximate due to a variety of factors.