Fifth Grade

In fifth grade the children begin to study the plant kingdom as well as ancient history and some of its most influential people.  Topics Include:

Language Arts:

    • Ancient Civilizations of India, Persia, Mesopotamia and Egypt
    • Greek Mythology and Ancient Greek History
    • North American Geography and History


vocabulary building, parts of speech, subject/predicate/object, prepositional phrases, synonyms/antonyms, homonyms/homophones, direct/indirect speech, passive/active voice, self and peer editing, letter writing, writing reports: research and note taking, poetry: rhythm and meter


    • Ancient Mathematics of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece
    • Freehand and Compass Geometry
    • Biography of Pythagoras and other mathematicians


Number and operations: fractions, decimals, place value, base ten
Measurement: conversions, volume, surface area,
Geometry: lines, angle, coordinates, shapes
Algebra: order of operations, mathematical properties


    • Botany


Identification of plants, plant lifecycle, plant habitat


    • Strings: violin, viola or cello
    • Choir: singing in parts and rounds
    • Flute: playing in parts and rounds
    • Major and minor scale studies


    • Arts are interwoven in all above disciplines
    • Painting
    • Clay modeling


Jeremy Criswell

In his second year as lead teacher, Jeremy is proud to bring his class forward into the fifth grade. With years of experience in the arts he has had the chance to work with children of all ages, in schools and community centers throughout our region, creating lasting works of public art for public enjoyment. Through each project, he’s had the chance to support and guide children in the process of approaching new forms of expression, and has helped them explore and find success as they apply themselves.

As an artist, builder, and parent he has been deeply fascinated with the idea of “the arc of a project.” Each day that we put our best effort into something we care about adds to the last, and eventually, over time, we arrive at something wonderful. When we repeat this process over and over, we learn that we can accomplish anything, knowing all we have to do is start and our efforts and practices will see us through.

As a Waldorf teacher, Mr. Criswell gets to bring new and rich content daily. With each lesson, he sees his class discover, experiment, and explore. With each new project, he watches the children build on what they know and helps them reach toward what they’ve yet to learn as they continue across that arc.