Seventh Grade

Seventh grade, the renaissance and its masters, Joan of Arc, King Arthur, algebra, the Age of Exploration, creative writing, human physiology, the experience of physics and chemistry through experimentation…. it is a time of great changes emotionally and physically for the children and the curriculum meets them there.

  • creative writing
  • research papers
  • book reports
  • geometry
  • algebra
  • graphs
  • perimeters and area
  • powers
  • Arthurian legends
  • historical novels
  • poetry
  • foreign language- reading and conversation, grammar, and structure
  • choir
  • orchestra
  • wet and dry transparent color painting
  • sewing and embroidery
  • model the human hand, foot and bones
  • perspective drawing
  • drawing platonic solids
  • woodworking to shape bowls and moveable toys
  • history of 1400-1700
  • European and African geography
  • tides
  • map making
  • weather
  • inorganic chemistry
  • physiology
  • astronomy
  • nutrition
  • first aid
  • gymnastic with equipment
  • team games and sports

Meet the Teacher

Luke Barbee

As a Southern Oregon Native, Luke spent his childhood exploring the forests, rivers, and parks throughout the Rogue Valley. When he wasn’t climbing trees and getting dirty he was playing sports with his friends and brothers. This love of nature and the outdoors eventually turned into a personal and professional passion. He has spent nearly 2 decades educating youth both as a classroom teacher and an outdoor educator.

As far as formal education goes, Luke received a BS in Environmental Science from Oregon State University and a Masters in Teaching from Southern Oregon University, though he would tell you that most of his education came from the many places he has traveled and lived, and his deep interest in science and the human experience. After leading international teen service trips to places like East Africa and the Galapagos islands, and working as a wilderness leadership instructor, fate seemed to bring Luke to the San Francisco Waldorf School where he spent five years teaching science and outdoor education…and fell in love with the Waldorf way.

Now, with a wife and a 2 year old son, Luke felt the call to come home to the beauty of Southern Oregon, and to continue his work and growth as an educator at Madrone Trail.