Sixth Grade

In sixth grade the children begin the study of ancient Rome.  “This is appropriate, for the sixth grader now stands, like an ancient Roman, solidly on the earth, and craves facts and their relationship to one another.”  Eugene Schwartz

Topics will include:

  • descriptive and expository writing
  • composition, including business letters and journalism
  • business math including interest, percentage and discount
  • proportion
  • tales of chivalry, poetry
  • ballads
  • foreign language – reading texts, humorous stories, free translations
  • music-descant, alto and tenor recorders, strings and winds
  • painting of landscapes, color contrasts, spectrum
  • sewing and pattern making
  • modeling
  • exact geometric drawing
  • black and white drawing
  • beginning use of saws, rasps, gouges, etc.
  • history of ancient Rome
  • geography of Canada, Central and South America
  • physics
  • geology and mineralogy
  • team sports


Kelli Richardson

Kelli Richardson was born and raised in the Portland area before moving to Ashland where she earned her degree in English and Writing and a Master’s in Teaching. After starting her family, she enjoyed substitute teaching all over Oregon for the past ten years. She enjoyed the challenge and the ability to see how hundreds of teachers ran their classrooms.

Since putting down roots in Eagle Point with her husband and four sons, Kelli decided it was time to seek out something more consistent. Having already put two of her children on the waitlist, she was excited to see the opening for a class teacher at Madrone Trail. Kelli is quickly realizing that Waldorf education is a great fit for her and her family. She enjoys bringing music, movement, empathy, and beauty into her classroom.