Sixth Grade

In sixth grade the children begin the study of ancient Rome.  “This is appropriate, for the sixth grader now stands, like an ancient Roman, solidly on the earth, and craves facts and their relationship to one another.”  Eugene Schwartz

Topics will include:

  • descriptive and expository writing
  • composition, including business letters and journalism
  • business math including interest, percentage and discount
  • proportion
  • tales of chivalry, poetry
  • ballads
  • foreign language – reading texts, humorous stories, free translations
  • music-descant, alto and tenor recorders, strings and winds
  • painting of landscapes, color contrasts, spectrum
  • sewing and pattern making
  • modeling
  • exact geometric drawing
  • black and white drawing
  • beginning use of saws, rasps, gouges, etc.
  • history of ancient Rome
  • geography of Canada, Central and South America
  • physics
  • geology and mineralogy
  • team sports


Christy Muzik

Christy was raised in the Midwest, in the state of Michigan.  Surrounded by lakes, meadows, and an abundance of green grass, she spent all of her summers barefoot and outdoors with her four siblings.  Her parents had given up their television and so she spent her days creating, building, digging, singing, swimming, reading, exploring and making friends.  

Christy graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with a degree in Psychology.  After teaching for ten years in Montessori and Expeditionary Learning schools, she was introduced to Waldorf Education through independent reading.  She loved the arts and music based education and the emphasis on kinesthetic learning particularly in the lower grades. After assisting in the kindergarten for a year at the Detroit Waldorf School, she became the first grade teacher.  She moved to Arizona the following year and worked at two charter Waldorf schools for eight years. Her son was born, and she finished her M.Ed Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University. Upon finishing her master’s degree, Christy accepted a position here at Madrone Trail.

Christy enjoys going to the park with her son, William, walking around town to run errands, running, gardening, and singing.