First Grade

In first grade we build upon the rhythms established in the kindergarten, extending to a full day of joyful learning imbued with wonder, creativity, music and movement.

Topics introduced in first grade include:

  • Pictorial and phonetic introduction to the letters of the alphabet
  • reading from writing
  • rhythmic poems
  • speech exercises
  • form drawing of curves, straight lines and patterns
  • qualities of numbers and elements of addition, subtraction,  multiplication, and division
  • counting, Roman numerals
  • fairytales
  • foreign language
  • songs, games, and poems
  • pentatonic recorder
  • seasonal songs
  • wet-on-wet painting using the three primary colors
  • knitting using two needles
  • beeswax modeling using scenes from fairy tales and simple figures
  • the wonder of nature through simple observation
  • nature studies from stories in an imaginative manner
  • circle games


Carole Whitridge

Carole grew up in Scotland, graduated with Honors with a Degree in Primary Education from the University of Dundee and taught First Grade there before landing a wonderful job in Singapore, where she taught in an International school.  The experience of working with teachers from the United States, Australia, the U.K, Canada and New Zealand taught her how to collaborate on a deep level and she gained insight into education systems around the globe.

During her years at university, she spent every summer working as a camp counselor at an eight week sleepover camp on Lake Thompson in Maine.  Carole likes to say that she learned everything about organizing a large group of people during her time there.

Her two children have gone all the way through Waldorf Education.  They are confident, capable human beings with a diverse set of skills. Every day that she watches them tackle advanced math, organize a challenging homework load, give a presentation or pick up an instrument and write their own music, makes her even more certain that Waldorf Education teaches the whole child and teaches every child.

She is currently working on getting her Waldorf Grades Teacher Certification at The Micha-el Institute in Portland.  She particularly enjoys being part of the ongoing conversation of how to bring Waldorf in our culture and time, and best serve our children.