The kindergarten curriculum is organized through a structure of daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms. The daily rhythm follows a consistent schedule that provides a secure structure for the children. The daily rhythm includes a planned activity for each day that is repeated weekly (baking, painting, modeling, coloring and crafts), free play, circle time (recitation, singing and movement), snack, story and outdoor play. The curriculum focus changes with each season, providing inspiration for crafts, songs, stories, practical life, gardening and cooking projects.

Daily story telling, poetry recitation accompanied by movement, singing and vivid imaginative speech allow for a full and varied experience of language. The result of being immersed in such a rich oral environment is a subtle degree of refinement in the child’s ability to listen, comprehend, recite and internalize oral rhythms and inflections. The kindergarten curriculum plants the seeds of a deep love and pleasure in language and literature.


Josclyn Shipman

Miss Josclyn is a 5th generation Oregonian and has been involved in Waldorf Education for the last fifteen years. She received her degree in Fine Art from the University of Oregon and spent many years on Maui before finding her way back to Eugene to complete her Early Childhood Waldorf Teacher Training. Miss Josclyn has taught mixed-age Kindergarten at Swallowtail Waldorf School & Farm, Haleakala Waldorf School, and FolkSoul Farm.
Teaching as a path of self development is important to Miss Josclyn, and she feels extremely humbled to be a teacher. She is passionate about protecting childhood, honoring and nurturing each child in their individual development and gifting. Celebrating the seasonal festivals is also one of her favorite parts about teaching Waldorf Kindergarten.
She was very excited to begin a new chapter at Madrone Trail in 2022, and has always dreamed of teaching at a Public Waldorf Charter School. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her daughter, LilyAnn, swimming and playing especially in Maui, doing arts and crafts, cooking, gardening, reading and immersing herself in nature.

Shante Miranda

Miss Ina is thrilled to be the kindergarten teacher for the Little Hummingbirds class. She looks forward to learning and growing with the children in her care, nurturing them throughout the year.
Miss Ina has a bachelor’s degree from Southern Oregon University in Liberal Arts with a focus in photography and ceramics. She also attended the Eugene Waldorf School teacher training for both kindergarten and grades training, as well as the Lifeways training in Portland Oregon.
She has been a teacher of her own private kindergarten since 2010 and, until recently, attended yearly teacher training at the Sacramento Waldorf School. Before becoming a Waldorf teacher, Miss Ina worked in Portland Public Schools as a program director and as a volunteer for the SOULS and LISTOS ESL programs in Talent and Phoenix Oregon. Additionally, she has worked at Children’s World in Ashland Oregon and as an aid in an ESL first grade classroom in Talent, Oregon.
Miss Ina has had the pleasure of working with children in various educational formats and has gained a valuable perspective through her experiences. As a teacher, she is always seeking to enhance her knowledge and skills in educating children, as she sees nurturing them in learning as guiding them into the future of the next generations.
In her free time she loves weaving, making pottery, gardening and caring for rescue animals.