Second Grade

“The children make a great leap from First to Second Grade, perhaps one of the biggest leaps in their school career.  Writing, which was virtually an extension of drawing in Grade One, now stands on its own; numbers, whose qualitative aspect was stressed last year, now are recognized as quantities, extending in space and time.  And the world of Fairy Tales, although not completely absent, now makes way for the Lives of the Saints – biographies of men and women with an historical verity – and fables.”  Eugene Schwartz  – renowned Waldorf educator

Some of the topics introduced and expanded upon in second grade include:

  • cursive writing
  • reading
  • plays
  • speech work
  • beginning elements of grammar
  • dictation
  • composition
  • symmetry-mirror form drawing
  • times tables
  • situation problems
  • numerical patterns
  • place value, carrying and borrowing
  • legends and animal fables
  • foreign language counting, names of animals, family members, parts of the body, food, seasons, colors, months
  • pentatonic flute
  • painting secondary colors and animal forms
  • knitting and purling, knitted animals
  • beeswax modeling scenes from legends and fables
  • the environment through observation
  • nature studies from stories in an imaginative manner
  • jump rope
  • hopscotch
  • rhythmic games


Hannah Jackson

Hannah Jackson was raised in a combination of the suburbs of Portland, Oregon and the wide-open spaces of Wyoming and Montana. Hannah has always loved the outdoors and spent her early years riding horses and bikes, diving head first into snow banks, and generally spending far too much time outside in the rain, snow, and sunshine.

After high school, Hannah spent some time traveling in South America, and then attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she studied Developmental Psychology. She spent half a year in Missoula, MT continuing her studies before deciding to return to Oregon and make Ashland her home. She enrolled at Southern Oregon University, where she gained a huge amount of knowledge about whole child education and how to incorporate the arts and music into learning. Hannah decided to pursue work in a charter school, and as soon as she discovered Madrone Trail in 2012, realized Waldorf education was the path she wanted to take. She took a wonderful class from first through fifth grade, when she decided to spend more time at home caring for her baby. She completed her certification in Waldorf Education through the Rudolf Steiner College in 2016, and feels that this form of education is a joy to discover and explore in new ways every day.

Hannah enjoys reading, knitting, running, hiking, and spending lots of time with her husband and two daughters.