Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is a year of raucous laughter as the 10-year-old’s attention turns outward, seeing themselves as one unique part of the whole.  Study of the animal world, local geography, fractions and the rest roots the children firmly in the earth as active participants in their world.  Topics include:

  • tenses
  • letter writing
  • grammatical rules
  • fractions
  • word problems
  • long division
  • averages
  • Norse and Germanic myths and sagas
  • alliteration
  • foreign language – as above, grammar begins, written work and dictation
  • music – time values, harmony, major and minor third, rounds and orchestral stringed instruments such as cello or violin
  • cross stitch and embroidery
  • clay modeling of animals and geometric shapes
  • local history and early settlers
  • map making/ zoology
  • square and folk dancing
  • running jumping and throwing games


Dara Cantrell

Dara Cantrell was born and raised in Ashland. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Music from SOU before moving to New York City, where she received her Master’s in Education. She and her family spent a year and half living and traveling in Eastern Europe, before returning to the Rogue Valley in 2010, which is when she began her journey at Madrone Trail. She took her first class from first grade all the way through eighth grade, who graduated with flying colors in 2018.

In 2019, Dara began the journey again with her second class of first graders, the Sunflower Class. She is excited to utilize all the knowledge and skills she has gained over the past nine years. Dara is passionate about Waldorf education and loves the Madrone Trail community deeply. She loves to share her passion for music, and her experience and knowledge with others in the community and thrives on connection and cooperation. Dara has three children of her own, all of whom also attend Madrone Trail.